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Cyprus is a natural born shooting star. 

320 days of pure sunshine, no clouds or rain from april to december. Two well connected international airports with under 4 hours flighttime to most European capitals, as well as to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Moscow. Good roadworks for fast drives when changing locations. Local model agencies and local experienced crew. Equipment rentals. And stunning accomodations for crew stay and shoot combinations.


It's Cyprus.

Cyprus is our homebase. From here into the world.

Book your flight, arrive in the sunshine and let us shoot your content here.

Everything goes better at  the beach. We are not Bali, but we are pretty enough. 

Cyprus is just the base where we live. From here we travel to all our shoots. All around the world. 

But, that said, Cyprus itself also offers great possibilities to shoot stunning campaigns and content stories here on the island. 

It's where Aphrodite was born, you know.

A Climate that gives you 320+ days of pure sunshine per year and temperatures, that make it possible to shoot all year round; with a bit rain between december and february, but also deep and shiny fresh snow on the high mountains, between january and march, while You can already shoot swimwear down at multiple beaches. Blue sky, light wind and crystal clear, turquoise water throughout the year makes Cyprus a perfect spot for Your photo production.

Stunning nature and great landscapes that ranges from deep pine forests, to rock formations and rock pools, to stone- and sand beaches in various colors, waterfalls, many lakes, wide open farm- and graslands of all shapes and colors and some beautiful wine routes with their estates along the way. 

A wide range of different architecture, ranging from modern office and high rise buildings, to stylish arranged marinas, hotels and shopping areas, to romantic alleys of medieval villages. Private luxurious villas and town houses, premium apartments and funky turned-into-loftstyle warehouse premises with fancy rooftops.

Perfect sports and outdoor activity locations. In Cyprus you can shoot all your sports pages, from diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing and SUP to jet-skiing, even snowboarding and skiing (jan-march), hiking and basically all kind of ourdoor sports. Cyprus is great for golfing. You can also easily shoot sailing and yachting themes, or fishing and hunting. Climbing? Yes. Picknick areas, bbq places and camping fileds we have as well. 

Infrastructure. You will find in Cyprus all you need to run a smooth photo production or commercial shoot. There are studio facilities with green screen, rentals for lights, lenses and cameras, model and people agencies and all local crew You need, from assistants to DoPs, gaffer-teams and whoever else is needed.

Distance. Cyprus has a modern and nicely layed out network of roads and highways, making it easy to get from one photo location to the next within only a short drive.

Cyprus has two international airports, with connections to all major cities in Europe and further ahead. Also cheap airlines like RyanAir and Easyjet fly from and to Cyprus almost on a daily schedule.

paris based model lauris shot by svenson linnert represented by shoottribe production house

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

the team of cyprus based photo production service shoottribe. here on set in cape town.

See You soon in Cyprus!

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