Berlin is a metropolis of diversity; rich in history, populated by different cultures and full of buzzing life. Berlin's people and their activities makes it such a goldmine for new inspiration and ideas. A fountain of youth, since it seems, the city invents itself every season new again in a new light and a fresh spirit.

It's over 30 years since the Berlin wall fell and Germany was reunited. 

Well, Berlin showed for decades a clear difference and atmosphere in the former East part compared to its  Western side. The Prenzlauer Berg district opposed to Charlottenburg; the classy Ku'Damm vs. funky Kastanienallee. It were two worlds, both with their own charme and benefits and hidden gems. The two faces merged for the most part in those 20+ years after the millenium. But still you can experience and actually feel at bit of the old spirit, if you look into the right corners and if you are open and relaxed enough, to let your soul freely stroll around and dip into, here and there.

Berlin's club culture changed drastically from the mid 90ies to today's parties, Berlin's food and restaurant scene grew and developed, the wide open, empty spaces in the middle of the city melted away and most of the abandoned inner-city factories and storehouses are demolished or converted into luxury living spaces, not much of Berlin's once rich and colorful squatter scene left. New buildings, modern architecture, pops up along the Spree river and whole new districts are planted carefully into old neighbourhood structures. 

That said, Berlin offers an always changing, always growing, always interesting melting pot of indoor and outdoor locations. Rooftops, backyards, colorful facades, loft apartments, street art, café and beergardens ... you can find almost anything. 

And that's not enough. Did You know, that Berlin is surrounded by 3000 lakes and 30.000 kilometers of rivers and streams? Havel, Spree and Dahme create a river scenery dotted with little islands, with swamp landscapes and reed covered river banks. It's beautiful.

Germany in general is a great place for still and film shootings. From Berlin You can easily reach out to the beauty of Dresden's inner-city and to Leipzig or even to the streets of the golden city of Prague. Then there's "Saxony Switzerland", a large forest area with stunning rock formations, excellent for all hiking themes, which stretches into Czech Republic to become "Bohemian Switzerland". - Going up north You have Germany's excellent seaside, with a beautiful coastline; pure nature in a fresh breeze. Hamburg, in the north, shows You more bridges than Italy's Venice has and Munich, deep in the south, got  incredible lakes in its vicinity. And nature panoramas with stunning mountain views. Germany and its neighbours offer You a lot. We, the ShootTribe Crew, are happy to guide You through.

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